Spartan Fresh Selections

Spartan Fresh Selections offers fresh and unique products.

Found along the perimeter of the store, be sure to look for Spartan Fresh Selections in the produce, deli, bakery and meat and seafood departments of your local Spartan store!

We’re proud of the excellent quality of Spartan Fresh Selections. This brand is guaranteed to provide you and other consumers with the freshness and great taste you’ve come to expect from Spartan brands.

Destination Deli

The Spartan Stores deli offers a variety of quality Spartan Fresh Selections deli meats and cheeses. From Hickory Smoked Turkey to Choice Angus Roast Beef, we're sure to have what you're looking for. All of our meats and cheeses can be sliced to order.

Deli Meat

✔ No MSG

✔ No Gluten

✔ 0 Trans Fats

✔ No Fillers

Deli Cheese

✔ All Natural

✔ Great Source of Calcium

Side Salads

Compliment any meal with a variety of delicious side salads. Available in 1 lb. sides.

Take & Bake Pizza

Looking for a quick and easy meal? Take home one of our delicious pizzas, bake it and serve! Choose from Pepperoni, 5 Cheese or Supreme.


We now off er 6 varieties of flavorful soups ranging from Chicken Noodle to Minestrone. Complement your meal with Spartan Fresh Selections Hawaiian rolls.


Choose from an array of dips; spinach, chili con queso, vegetable or Mexicana. There's a dip that is appealing to every taste. We also off er cheese balls, the perfect centerpiece for your cheese platter.


1 Entree + 2 Sides = $6.99 Choose an entree and 2 sides, made to order at the Deli, or packaged Grab and Go selections. The combinations are endless.

Boxed Lunches

Fast food never tasted so good! These healthy alternatives offer a fresh sandwich or wrap, snack and beverage. Ideal for busy times, a quick office meal and school lunches.